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We all know how incredibly frustrating it is to have the sunlight shine into a room and highlight how many handprints and smudges are on the glass. Cleaning windows can feel like a never-ending cycle that takes up a lot of your valuable time and effort. But since having clean windows is a big part of the appearance of your home, it’s also important that they are regularly cleaned and looked after. And that’s where we come in to help. At Clearview Window Washing and Exterior Cleaning, we provide the best window washing in Myrtle Beach SC. Our professional and expert services will leave your windows gleaming. You can enjoy your view with consistently smear-free glass without wasting any of your time or energy. Everything is so much better when you hire a company you can rely on.

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Unlike some companies that provide window washing in Myrtle Beach SC, we clean both sides of the glass to ensure a perfect finish. Using a squeegee for the lower windows, we can effectively and thoroughly clean the glass with this traditional and reliable method. We also use a water-fed pole and pure water to safely reach your higher floors. We guarantee a smear-free finish, and we never compromise on quality.

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Window screens are a great addition, but they have to be cleaned regularly if they are going to work to their full potential. If a window screen gets clogged with dust and debris, it cannot work properly, and over time, this dust and debris start to spread around your home. To prevent this from happening, we dust and wash your screens each time we visit to keep them in great condition and your home free of this extra dust.

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Cleaning out your window tracks is an awkward and tricky job. Lots of dirt and dust build up in there, but it can all be difficult to remove. However, if it’s left, it can affect the functionality of the window opening and closing. Not to mention the fact that bacteria can grow and debris can spread. When we clean your windows, we’ll also vacuum and wash out your tracks, so you don’t ever have to worry about the state of them.

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Safe and Reliable Window Washing in Myrtle Beach SC

One of the most important things you have to take into consideration when hiring a window cleaning company is whether or not they are qualified and insured for the work they provide. Hiring a company that doesn’t have the correct coverage or credentials could leave you in a world of stress if anything were to go wrong. Fortunately, at Clearview Window Washing and Exterior Cleaning, we are fully licensed and insured for all our window washing in Myrtle Beach SC. Our team of technicians is trained, qualified, and highly experienced. Additionally, our company carries 1 million dollars in insurance, so you don’t have to let someone into your home that may be a liability. We work hard to provide safe and professional service throughout the entire process and ensure a stress-free experience.

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Window Washing Myrtle Beach SC

Having recently moved to the area, I was reluctant to choose service with a new small company. John was very willing to provide me with information and documentation to help me feel secure in doing business with him. His customer service is top quality. Prompt, courteous, efficient and professional. My windows inside and outside were perfectly cleaned. No spots, no streaks. Siding, porches all cleaned with quality products and skill. I look forward to working with Clearview Window Washing for all my future services!

Linda Cook

Window Washing In Myrtle Beach SC

We needed our EZ- Breeze windows cleaned. We were never completely happy with the job a couple of “franchise” companies did. A friend recommended Clearview, who does her EZ-Breeze windows and power washes her house. John, the owner, is very professional and personable. He managed to get our irrigation and pollen spotted windows crystal clear, something the other companies never quite accomplished. Our backyard is heavily wooded, so the pollen really builds up. He was very thorough, making sure the tracks and frames were very clean also. An outstanding Window Washing job by an outstanding young man.

Bob Kiernan

Window Washing Myrtle Beach SC

We just bought our home and the exterior and windows were in dire need of some TLC. I researched Window Washing services in the area and found Clearview that also offered power washing. John the owner provide a prompt quote and scheduled our service. We couldn't be more pleased with the results! John was professional and courteous and provided us with tips for use and cleaning of specialty windows in our Florida room. We highly recommend Clearview Window Washing!!

Cathy Wodarski

Frequently Asked Myrtle Beach Window Washing Questions

For the lower windows, we use a squeegee. This traditional method I’d the most effective at providing gleaming windows with no smears. We use a water-fed pole and pure water to provide the same outstanding results for higher windows.

At Clearview Window Washing and Exterior Cleaning, we can reach up to three stories high for all our window cleaning in Myrtle Beach SC. We use water-fed poles, which is an extremely safe and effective method. The use of poles also means we can reach up high without having to put ladders against your property.

For the best results, we recommend you have your windows cleaned around every four to six weeks. However, the final choice is yours, and we will accommodate any schedule you require.

We calculate our prices based on the job requirements. Therefore, we offer free estimates to anyone interested in our window cleaning services  in Myrtle Beach SC, so we can always give an accurate price. Contact us today for your free, tailored quote.

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